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Sex and The Wines

My epic journey on discovering lovely wines and how it pairs with all things sex, love, dating, relationships and life.
-All with a glass of wine in my hand and loving the process of becoming a Sommelier.

Ronellee Leyson aka Sex and The Wines Gal

This is quite interesting to know.

I know not having someone on Valentine’s Day (or Weekend) for that matter is hard on women, but women don’t need to resort to this. 

If you’re single, or newly divorced spend the day or night with other single girlfriends and have a “dinner date” with them instead. 

Spend the time laughing and having a good time.  

There is nothing more pleasing than laughter with a bottle of wine with friends.

-Ronellee Leyson de Ledesma AKA Sex and The Wines Gal 

I LOVE, LOVE this wine! It is everything what Valentine’s Day is all about! 

It is sweet and lovely. Full of sweet red berries, a cool strawberry melting in your mouth. The aromas of bright red roses, red berries, full of sweet splendor just waiting for you to drink. With a deep rose color. It is young and ready to drink. Low alcohol of 5%. 


Maker: Elio Perrone

Vintage: 2011

Price: $17.99 @The Wine House Los Angeles

Where can you purchase this? : Ask for Jamie. Great guy, overall knowledgeable about my favorite types of wines… SWEET! Tel: 1-800-626-9463

Tell him, you heard it from me! He’ll love that! Cheers!

Sex and The Wines

Wow, where do I begin? This journey for me is a huge step towards “writerhood” and getting my Master of Wine accreditation. Which is a long process to achieve and becoming a master of tastes and theory…of what else? Wines.

But more than that… I get to explore through my travels, taste food (who wouldn’t love that?), sampling thousands of wine yearly, talk to thousands of winemakers, speaking to men and women and REALLY connect with them about their tastes and how it has enriched their lives by this femom…wine.

Along this journey, I get to fully speak out about love, relationships, or lack of, commitments, and of course SEX! Hey, it is called SEX And The Wines!

During each month, I will feature The SWEET WINES and WINES of the MONTH, that I absolfuckinlutely LOVE! Yes, LOVE! 

Also, I will be showcasing EVENTS, that either I will be attending (Great way for us to meet) or ones that are quite good to learn more about wines (if you’re a newbie) and classes on the different wine varieties and locations.

Then there is the: SEX TALKS 101

With these, we’ll explore what’s on my mind and my readers minds about topics on sex, relationships, dating, hey even what lingerie to wear or not wear…lol.  Whatever topic that is taboo or too much for polite society to handle…it’s all open and honesty here. 

With all these, why not have some experts talk about their specialties? I certainly love to hear about their opinions on wine, what’s new in the market, and their take on the wine industry and what they think their wine of choice would be paired with as sex position? LOL……I’d definitely love to hear their answer!

If you have any questions about sex or wine, or perhaps both… Go to Ask Ronellee

So let’s start our journey with SEX And The WINES……………..